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The website address for Factor Signals is https://www.factorsignals.com/
By visiting the company’s website or using any of the company’s product including the software, you are subjected to the following terms and conditions as mentioned below:
Subscriber acknowledges that the term Factor Signals includes FactorSignals.com, its partners, suppliers, representatives and the respective affiliates.

Warranties and Limitation of Liabilities:

FactorSignals.com represents and warrants that it is the owner or licensee of the Service, and this Service does not infringes any property or patent of any third party or constitutes the wrongful or illegal taking of any third, party’s proprietary, confidential data or trade secret.

The Service does not offer any warranty, implied or expressed, for the results that a Subscriber, user or any other person attains from the use of provided data. We also offer no merchantability or fitness warranty, implied or expressed, for any purpose or use.

FactorSignals.com including all its suppliers, and its third-party agents shall not be subjected to any responsibility or liability, either contingent or otherwise, for any type of losses including profits-related losses as well as punitive, incidental or consequential damages and claims made against the FactorSignals.com by any user or other party.

Data and Information:

All data and information found in FactorSignals.com report(s) are extracted from reliable sources yet FactorSignals.com as well as its suppliers do not fall liable to guarantee the correctness, accuracy, or completeness of any piece of data and information provided. The market data and information provided with/by/for Factorsignals.com services shall be deemed reliable.

Apart from the cases of absolute negligence or an intended misconduct, FactorSignals.com shall not be liable for any data related inaccuracy, incompleteness, inadequacy, incorrectness, or other injuries or damages which arise from

  1. the use of the data provided by FactorSignals.com, or
  2. caused by delays, omissions, and errors
  3. failure of performance resulting from Internet Service FactorSignals.com delivery problems
  4. communication or delivery problems associated with Subscriber’s receipt of the data or Service including FactorSignals.com user e-mail
  5. interruptions in the provided data
  6. causes beyond FactorSignals.com control, including but not limited to; natural calamity, God’s acts and wills, etcetera

Subscriber falls solely responsible for the completeness, correctness, adequacy and accuracy of data used as well as data results.


In the event of a breach or threatened breach of any of the provisions of these terms and conditions, by a Subscriber or any of FactorSignals.com employees, affiliates, or representatives, FactorSignals.com shall be entitled to injunctive relief for enforcing the these terms and conditions provisions, but nothing herein shall be in power preclude the FactorSignals.com from pursuing any remedy or action for any breach or threatened breach, all of which shall be cumulative.

In the event the FactorSignals.com prevails in any such remedy or action, the FactorSignals.com shall be entitled to recovering all reasonable expenses, costs, and attorneys’ fees from the Subscriber.

Restrictions of Use:

The Service is solely and exclusively for the use of the Subscriber and may never be used for any illegal purpose, activity or against the provisions of these terms and conditions.

Subscriber acknowledges that FactorSignals.com and others (which includes particular information sources) have developed, prepared, compiled, revised, and arranged this Service through an investment of valuable standards of time, money and effort and thus, exhibit valuable property and trade-related secrets of FactorSignals.com. Therefore, Subscriber must protect the proprietary rights of the FactorSignals.com and all other information sources which hold rights in the Service. Subscriber agrees to comply with and honour all written and understood requests made by the FactorSignals.com for protecting the FactorSignals.com’ statutory, contractual, and common law rights in the Service with the same concern instilled for protecting its own proprietary rights.

Subscriber shall promptly notify FactorSignals.com in writing right upon becoming aware of any illegal or unauthorized access of the Service or any use by any party or of any claim against the Service infringement regarding any copyright, trademark, other property, or any other statutory, contractual, or common law rights of FactorSignals.com.

FactorSignals.com shall have all legal rights to prevent any illegal or unauthorized use and to collect damages in any such event. Subscriber agrees to never recompile or decompile or make copy or distribute any form or derivative work of the Service.

All the information in the reports related to analysis and presentation shall not be redistributed, re-circulated, or published by the Subscriber or other except for the internal purposes without priorly written consent of the FactorSignals.com.

Any of FactorSignals.com trademarks, trade names, service marks or such property which creates impression of belonging to others shall not be used by the Subscriber. Subscriber and others acknowledge that they do not hold any ownership rights in and to any of these names, marks and properties.

Complete Agreement; Modification or Waiver:

These terms and conditions or disclaimer are the complete, comprehensive and exclusive statement of understanding between the parties with respect to the service matter and supersede any oral or written communications. No modifications, or waivers of these terms and conditions shall be binding unless written and signed by the parties.


Liability of FactorSignals.com in case of program malfunction and wilful operational negligence shall be limited to the amounts of general money damages exceeding, not more than the total charges Subscriber paid for the Service during last three months.

To the extent as permitted by the law, for the cases except of absolute negligence or intended misconduct by the FactorSignals.com, the liability of FactorSignals.com for damages, regardless of the action form, shall not exceed in any way the fees payable by the Subscriber for the particular service for six months, and this shall be the exclusive remedy for the Subscriber

Subscriber shall have to indemnify and hold FactorSignals.com as harmless, defend FactorSignals.com against any type of claim, loss, demand, or expense (which also includes reasonable attorney’s fees) relatively to the use of the particular service by Subscriber at his/her own expense.

No action, regardless of form, arising out of or pertaining to the service may be brought more than one year after the cause of action has occurred.

Regardless of any equitable or legal action taken against FactorSignals.com, such limitation shall be the extent of FactorSignals.com liability.

Embedded content from other websites:

Data on this site may include embedded content of other websites which may collect your data, embed additional third-party tracking, monitor your interaction with that embedded content and use cookies for such other purposes. FactorSignals.com does not take responsibility regarding this.


FactorSignals.com and Subscriber acknowledge that this disclaimer is a valid legal document, and no provision of it which may be deemed unenforceable shall invalidate in any way any other provisions of this disclaimer, all of which remain in full force and effect.